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Tag World Ruin Bi-Curious People's Decision Making

We bi-curious kind of tag ourselves in many aspects, we insist on our thought and take courage to achieve it. But rarely people could stand by us, they take us as paranoia, but we refuse to be tag by such word, we chase the rainbow because we know what it means, set us free to be bicurious color, love what we love, don’t be defeated by someone’s tag on you which lead us to the wrong way. We are proud of bisexuals.

Bicurious Tags

We hold our standpoint, sometimes it would suffer conflicts. Constricted by one’s sight, people just simply described bicurious tag. They separated us from other communities, whether your college or straight friends, even strange. Sexual orientation always the gap to withdraw people to get connected. Nowadays, tag seems an unfavorable definition to some people, but I like it. I love these tags because this is my life, it is a sense of community, with these tags, I know exactly what I should do, I know who I am. Provided that these tags are set by myself. We couldn’t get rid of it, because I think it’s a struggling way to the process, it’s painful, why not accept it. Not only I can belong to some community, but we could use these tag to described us color in some ways, I feel real when I do that, my emotion could flow in a freeway, that would not harm anyone. But one thing I would pose against to is that there is always a sequence of prejudice, I don’t like it, because prejudice doesn’t mean the right thing. It stops me from being real me. But tag just a way of looking at yourself, not a way of looking down upon others. Anyone shouldn’t tag someone as bisexual human being.

What shocked me is that people tend to tag those who physically disabled as they tag to bi-curious people, there are full of all kind of tag, while I was dating with a man, they think of me as heterosexual, while I was dating lesbian, they see me as lesbian, when I walk on streets they see me as health person, but while I was riding the wheelchair pass the streets people would say:” what’s wrong with you?” Interestingly, they didn’t think I was disabled because I looked young and energetic, there was nothing related to the disabled. You may have gone through this kind of tagging you. While tagging, you should live up to what society expects, otherwise, it will look pretty strange. What we expect from bicurious, living with casual bicurious dating and enjoying it? I often hear: ”are they straight or not ?” When they try to tag us, there comes the problem.

The model can’t change in a short period, modeling someone means tag someone, but model sometimes neglects I have my tags, As bisexual, I don’t think it as mental illness, when I heard someone told me I was lesbian, I didn’t prepare to recognize it, I don’t want to try to please the public with claptrap. I just don’t want to be tagged, living my own way is another expressive of my bisexuality. Eager for public attention would destroy your true colors. It doesn’t mean to are not belonging to the bisexual group, but you have your thought, the tag would make you live up with public expectation. It’s not you. You have your taste, maybe you just want to date a woman, or live with a man in entire life, or just chose to have threesomes relationship, it depends, that’s your choice.

I have ever talked to some friends, they knew I was bisexual, there was the topic:” I am...”, They would respond that:” No, you are not.” It seemed they understood me than I did. They were tagging us. I used to be stood up to such a response. But after I got happily married and had a family that supported me a lot. I feel secure to speak louder for bisexual community and myself. I use my voice to compete against the ignorance of bicurious. I know that would not change much, but if people could reexamine me, that would help, if they willing to abandon tags, that would be generous.