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Story Of My bi Curious Classmate And I

Today,I gonna talk about one of my bi curious friend's story. 7 years ago, I remember that was a cold winter , in my boarding high school, there was a sweet girl, she look unhappy every day. Sort of autism, she was really shy and timid to talk to any one. When after school, the little girl always had meals by herself. Seems she didn't wanna meet some friend. Turned out she was bi.

Bicurious HAPPY

How did I get close to her, and knew her was bisexual, curious? Anyway, I am eager to tell. I was kind of curious for any one who looked strange. One afternoon while after school, I followed her to lake side. It happened that my classmates and I walked to the library by the nearby road. I recognized her by her clothes(her faces backed to me), and I stepped to her without telling others.

She was frightened while I was so close to her and wanted talk something. May be at that time I was crazy in her eyes, but I just got to the next step.

I slapped her shoulder and said:"What a lovely day, I just happened to go to the library, how about we just have some talk?"

Given my friendly faces and she smiled at me:"Sure! sure, that's great."

"You don't have any friend? No offender, I just out of concern,any way, if you don't mind, I really wanna be yours, if be your friend, I will share everything on me, and you likewise,deal?"


"And we could share our school lives, our personal lives, that would be lovely."


Hey, tell me about you, do you like sport? May be some day, we just play together, I like biking, jogging and swimming, I really enjoy the breath on my faces...

"Reading."She reply without hesitation.

"Cool...and just reading?"

"I haven't found a second hobby yet, may be you could help me...what ever, just kidding."

"No kidding, let go biking this weekend. Don't say no, that’s the deal!"

"OK."Cute smiles on her faces. Apparently, she seem have interest on me, That's a good sign to get further.

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