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Story Of My bi Curious Classmate And I 4

I was surprised! But I pretend to be reserved, She just burned me so badly, I am very excited inside.

Bicurious females

I suppressed my emotions several times and tried not to rush to her because she was so beautiful and charming. The charming temperament that came out of her made me unable to tell the truth and dreamland, but dream, it was worth trying just staring at her, spending time together, enjoying sunshine on our faces.

I just said with a little shyness, "Oh, is it?" But when I said this, I felt the cheeks were hot severely, and the heartbeat sound suppressed the breath of my talking.

I didn't expect that a girl who was a outgoing girl was actually suppressed by a gentle girl who was like an angel.

She is slowly approaching my side, leaning on my shoulder, whispered: "Do you mind if I lean on your shoulder? "

I said, "It's fine, you can rely on it."

At this moment, I hope that time could slow down, till the autumn wind was skipping the grass, the green was turning yellow.

She asked me curiously:"What do you think bisexuality in your impressions, you are not afraid of being loved by bisexual friends, like other people?"

" I think it's okay, I don't have that much disgust of bisexual love. Just as I have said before, I will support you, if I were, I can also join the lgbtq support organization, I would tell them that bisexual dating is no different from straight dating, their love are also based on the feeling about each other, attracting and admiring make it precious. It is not that anyone is attractive to bisexual people. Weird, right ?"

She nodded: "I agree, I can love someone firmly regard her as the one, unless she hates me, dislike me, then I will let go with disappointment."

I held her hand and said:"Don't worry, I won't leave you because I obsessed with you."

I can see a shining light trough her deep eyes, I believe that the eyes won't tell lie, I add:"I am bi as well, I have been crushing on you for a long time."

That's it, My bisexual primary bisexual dating story in high school, it is full of energy and everything was so amazing.


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