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Story Of My bi Curious Classmate And I 3

I comforted her and said :"Hey , it's doesn't matter,What about bisexuality? I don't feel surprised at all. Why do we have a disgusting attitude towards bi-curious? This is wrong. Instead, you own that feeling, it is incredible, because you can be passionate at boys and girls at the same time, you are considerate for other people, so you are nice girl,whoever will meet you will be lucky."

Bicurious females

She is not sure if this feeling is right, always uneasy and overwhelmed :"If one day I said to you: I love you, don't you feel that strange? You wouldn't dislike me? I like both girls and boys, sometimes I wanna sleep with them.Is that terrified you? "

I tried to let her know that I didn't mean anything to alienate her:"Not at all, because I think friends are not about sexual orientation.Instead, I admire you so much. We could talk often, and if you wanna shoulder as bi-curious need,I lend it to you."

I want her learn to share thing,learn to accept, accepting herself,including love:"Come on, we should talk more about our state of need to be heard by the person worthy"

She began to smile at me with embarrassment. "Thanks, my friend, thank you for accepting me. This is a great relief for me."

I was curious to know if she likes others:"Do you like some one in our class?"

She stared at me and said:"If yes, that would not scare you away?"

I was joking: "Well, even if you like me, I may accept it, if I am bisexual as well."

"And yes, is you."

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