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Story Of My bi Curious Classmate And I 2

Till Sunday, I invited her to go biking in person´╝îwe were biking along the small hill, enjoying the soft breath around our faces. There were warm sunshine and chirping birds, companion, what a lovely day!

Bicurious females

She looks good at bike and without gasping,I feel a little hard and slowed down:"smooth! You often do this,right? "

"No really,my parents sometimes took me to countryside for leisure,and it's good way to gather since my father spend his in Texas for work. Every time we went countryside, we just biking to wild, I love that feeling of setting myself free, and I was really in, At that time, I forgot my trouble."

"What's the trouble, if you don't mind, just tell me, I could comfort you somehow."

She stared at me for seconds as if wanted me to guarantee something, and it seemed that she had received the answer from my persevering eyes!

"I am bicurious girl."

", you just kidding, right?"

"I'm not kidding, I am bi, hope that didn't freak you out."

"Listen, you are my friend, and it's no big deal, It won't change anything between us."

She felt relieved and said:"Thank you, Linda, you are the first one I told that secret to, It was so sweet."

"It no big deal at all! You have your personality, and you own your merits, that's what I appreciate. you just be who you are, that's the point, do not care about some stupid quizzers, they are ridiculously ignorant."I said aloud.

She said :"I never thought that I have feeling on female and male at the same time. In the beginning, I think I was crazy, but I googled it and soon I realized I wasn't crazy, it just bisexual personality, there are groups here in the bisexuality like LGBTQ, lesbian and gay, they are not crazy,bicurious people just live their own lives with their bisexual partners, even there are bicurious websites for their friends, I often told myself it's alright, it's alright."

At that moment, even if I have realized I was bisexual girl for one year ago, I never have gone through with difficulty given my extrovert bisexuality and I wondered:"How bicurious or bisexual people just so struggling?"

She was beautiful and cute, I thought I have crushed on her. My feeling was mixed .

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