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Bisexual and bi curious websites are most important in our bi dating, we hope we could get quick to date someone new. That's our bi goal.

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Bicupid is the best bi couples and bi curious dating website I recommend, it has certain advantages, in addition to the simple layout of the general website, the convenient and quick registration process, it also pays more attention to the user's paid experience. You may have experienced this: When you buy a product or invest in a business partner, you may have strong purchase desires due to the advertising effect, but when you actually pay for a certain product or business. You will probably quickly find out that its after-sales service was really disaster, while there comes an issue, you ask no way. The commercial propaganda has gone too far that causes consumers to block there and they can't do nothing, the result is retroactive.

1. Bicupid has good services on its bi curious dating program. As I have learn that it is the largest bicurious and couples dating site on in the world, it launches on the market in 2001, it became a giant in bicurious dating market after its lasting innovation and improvement, such bisexual dating site. Its long history has earned a large support scale: it has a great bisexual dating consultant team. these bisexual consultants are bisexuals, they can help payment users, for example, to solve your bisexual relationship issues by communication and give advices, if you have any confusion, don't reluctant to contact them in any time, they have a wealth of consultant experience, they could solve most of your confusion.

If you are not familiar some functions of this dating site or APP, turning to sweet customer service executives. Under their intimate guidance, I believe you can become a bisexual and bi curious dating expert on the platform soon. They are 24-hour shift, no matter where you are in the world, you can contact them at any time.

2. The online use numbers are great number and active: When I started registering, there were a lot of local bi couples looking for me to chat with a short period registering of time, even though I haven't finished my profiles. As you can imagine, the number of online use members on this platform is quite impressive. There is a bad think I didn’t like, and it is also a problem for all of other bisexual dating websites. Free users have only limited wink to send to their interested people. If you are free users, you can only wait for payment users to chat with you.

However, after I paid for it, my dating experience is really nice. I can always chat with people I like, and video chat. And I found that my avatar will be listed on the top of the matching results. On top of that, payment subscribers can sign up for 'podcasts'.

3. High secure system: Don't worry that your information will be peddled. This platform is attach great importance to user’s privacy. There are many websites that share the user's photos and information without the user's knowledge. This seriously violates the user's privacy, but this website will ensure that Your privacy is secure. Since registering, I can safely date my favorite bi couples. And, you don't have to worry about spam or fake users harassing you all time (some bisexual dating are annoying with so many spam). This platform has completely blocked all fake user information, through human and system detection. The people on this platform are completely trustworthy and 100% registered for dating.

9.0 Value For Price
8.5 Quality Of Members
8.0 Ease Of Use
9.0 Customer Satisfaction
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