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Is It Hard To Get Along With Bisexual People?

I thought bisexuals are open-minded and sometimes have their own personality, think kind of personality also hard to be recognized, so people aways criticize them as weird, but whatever, if there are people who don’t understand you, you should not pay too much time on them, you should focus on your own life and friends who really care about you. that’s the meaning of bisexual life.

Bicurious couples

I have a particularly nice friend, a bisexual woman, she likes tattoos, but when others say she is decadent, she always answers people in a semi-joking way. She is very cheerful, she actively talks with her friends and likes to share some of her private hobbies. When a friend says it sucks, she will not be angry. Although she insists on her hobbies, she does not force others. Like what she did. She is understanding. She sometimes imagines some bi-curious sex life, so she is always looking for someone who can understand her as her partner in life.

By the way, bisexuals are openminded people, they would not mean to you if you are friendly to them. Don’t take things too much, they are normal people, you and meet them or chat with them any time and even dating bisexual. If you have a bisexual boyfriend or girlfriend, just calm down, it is no big deal, you just eat with them and sleep with them, everyone has his/her personality. Try to understand each other.

Don’t look at the world with colored glasses.